Petromax – A Brief Guide to the Brand.

Petromax was created in 1910 in Germany by Max Graetz. The company produced high quality paraffin lamps along the lines of the Tilley lamp in the UK and the Coleman lamp in America. The name “Petromax”, is derived from “Petroleum Maxe”, which was the nick name his friends and relatives affectionately called him. Ultimately, the lamp became a world-wide best-seller. Scroll on almost a century and a German chap called Jonas Taureck whilst travelling in Africa became fascinated by these ancient lamps, which still lit the remote villages that he and his friend passed through. On returning to Germany he did his homework and began buying old lamps and stripping them to see how they worked. He began by selling spare parts and soon managed to acquire the ‘sleeping’ Petromax brand name so he could begin to manufacture the lamps again in the way that Max Graetz had intended.

The Petromax product portfolio began to grow as Jonas realized that it wasn’t only paraffin lighting technology that the outdoor industry had forgotten about. Petromax soon moved in to the realms of outdoor cookware. With a huge range of cast iron cookware including Dutch Ovens, Skillets and even Bread tins, Petromax have become a bit of a legend among those who love to cook out doors. The range now is so big that what ever you would like to cook there is likely a Petromax product that will enable you to do it. And all designed with tradition in mind!

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