Petromax Griddle & Fire Bowl on Test.

Hi Everyone,

We have a tendency to use pretty flimsy excuses to test the gear we stock at the best of times, but with the great weather we have been having it wasn’t hard to persuade ourselves to crack open a Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowl for an evening snack! This product is meant to be used as either a griddle for cooking or as a raised fire bowl.

This was a test of the griddle part of the deal not its prowess as a fire bowl, so we lit the fire and screwed the legs on the griddle. The Griddle and fire bowl is built in the typical Petromax Manner, i.e. sturdy and sensible, and as long as the ground beneath is relatively flat, then its a walk in the park to prepare everything for cooking. The griddle itself is made from reassuringly thick steel so it spreads the heat nicely and evens out the fluctuations in heat from the fire. The griddle bowl as the name suggests is concave which initially can be a challenge especially with sausages as they want to roll to the middle all the time. However, once you have got your head around the complexities of banger management, then the dished profile makes perfect sense. Its far better for the sausages to roll to the center of the bowl than to roll off into the fire!! So, as you can see in the picture we didnt ask to much of the griddle! a few burgers, sausages and some kebabs are hardly Michelin star levels of grub but we did have a professional chef with us and he was full of praise for the griddle. So all in all the Petromax Griddle gets a big thumbs up from not only us, but from a professional chef as well!!

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