Aku Alterra GTX – Our Best Selling Boot.

Hi Everyone!

We’ve just had a customer pay us a visit looking for a new pair of boots for a trip to the lakes. After trying on a few pairs on, which in his words “felt ok” I suggested he tried a pair of Aku Alterra GTX.

Once the laces were tied I stood back to witness what we now term the ‘Alterra dance’. The Alterra dance is a strange phenomenon which we are seeing more and more as the Aku Alterra GTX out paces all our other boots in terms of units sold. The Alterra Dance goes like this – The customer puts on a pair of Alterra’s, Stands up and walks across the shop. Then turns round with a slightly confused look on their face. This is followed by an odd little shuffling jig which often leads to the customer prancing and dancing around the shop. The comments then start flowing : They’re so comfy! They feel like trainers! they definitely don’t feel like my old boots! We more often than not end up putting the customers old pair in a bag, so they can wear the Alterra’s home! And yes I’ve even seen an ex Royal Marine do the Alterra dance in full. They have a strange effect on people!

So, why do the Alterra’s cause perfectly rational people to act like this? Well, Its all down to what AKU call the ‘Elica System’. Its a complicated concept to describe so I’ve added the video bellow to allow the experts at AKU to explain it!


So, hopefully the video has explained why so many people love the AKU Alterra GTX so much. in fact I was out walking with a friend of mine a few days ago who has a pair, and he truly believes they have had a huge effect on his walking, both in comfort whilst walking, and in post walk fatigue. And as our staff members boots come up for retirement then surprise surprise, they are being replaced by Alterra’s. Currently, three of our guys are ‘prancing’ around in a pair of Alterra’s and they will hate me for saying this but all of them did the Alterra Dance!

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